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We're empowering Forex Traders with funding since 2012. Now with easy access for every successful trader. Do this challenge today and get funded with our capital soon. The fee is 100 % refundable!

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The path to funding

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Pay for your challenge account right away and start trading today. As an official Ability Challenge candidate, you can start trading directly after payment.


Reach the Ability Challenge Target within 30 days to progress to full verification. Continue to prove your ability by making consistently profitable and responsible trades to hit your verification target within 60 days.

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Verified Trader

Traders who pass the Ability Challenge get access to a live account with profit splits 75-25.

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How it works

Starting with the challenge stage: a simple test to assess your skills. Following this, there is the verification stage, completion of these stages allows you to trade with live funds. You have the option to remain trading on the same account size or you can join our Funded Trader Program.


What are the rules?

30 days

Deadline to reach target for the 1st Challenge:


Deadline to reach target on a live account


Maximum Daily Drawdown Challenge


Maximum Daily Drawdown Verification


Maximum Daily Drawdown Live Account

7 days

Minimum trading days


Maximum Absolute Drawdown


Challenge verification table

Select trading volume
Live Account
30 Days
60 Days

Trading Period:

The Ability challenge has a duration of 30 days while the Verification stage has a duration of 60 days. Assumed that minimum trading days are respected you can get to the next level as soon as you meet the required target, there is no need for you to wait till the 30 or 60 period ends.

7 Days
7 Days
7 Days

Minimum Trading Days:

You must trade a minimum of 7 trading days at any stage, meaning at least one position must be open on each of those days ( if you hold a trade for multiple days it will only be considered when it was originally opened). You must demonstrate consistency within your results in order to pass the 7 minimum trading days. View our T&C regarding this rule.

Maximum Daily Drawdown:

The maximum daily loss is 7.5% on the Ability Challenge while 5% on both the Verification and the Live account. It means that at any point of the day the sum of all your closed positions plus those currently open cannot exceed 7.5% (or 5%). Please note that the 24h period starts 12AM GMT. Exceeding this limit will result in failing the challenge.

Maximum Absolute Drawdown:

The maximum Absolute drawdown for the Ability Challenge is 15% and for the Verification Challenge and Live account is 10%, which is not trailing from the profits. Within this limit, you will not be liable for any losses. Exceeding this limit will result in automatic invalidation of your account and remove you from the challenge. You can always try again by purchasing a new Ability Challenge account.


Profit Target:

The profit target is set to 10% from the initial account balance in both the Ability and the Verification Challenge. In order to successfully complete the challenge, you need to meet the profit target within 30 days in the first stage and 60 days in the Verification stage without breaking the rules. Once you get to the Live account we’ll share with you 75% of any profit made on a monthly basis.

75 - 25

Profit Share:

Once you have completed all the stages of the challenge, you will receive a live account of the size you have initially chosen. On the live account you must continuously follow the trading rules in order to receive your profit share. Any profit made on a monthly basis we’ll share 75% of the profit with you.

Refundable fee:

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